Saturday, November 15, 2003

oh dear 


Invited my family round for dinner tonite, Homemade food not a problem, Cook prepared food in oven - big problems!! good job ive got a sense of humour as i got stick for it for at least half an hour for the burnt offerings! mind you my face and stomach hurt at the quips made! Maybe be back later as i feel my offerings all round are a bit - well you know errrrrrrr flat, burnt, errrr etc.


i hate gold, i f************ hate it!!!!!!!!!!

any platinum?

i was standing in my room just wingeing today, may as well do it online huh!!?? well? anyone there? hello neo!

just an extension on my winge, i HATE any jewellry thats YELLOW!!
my sister just bashed me with pillows !!!! yeah someone who fights back!!

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